Rhinoceros are some of the most ferocious and feared animals in the animal kingdom. The largest rhinos can weigh over 7,000 pounds and they have horns that keep predators from getting too close. That didn’t stop a brave goat from taking on three rhinos at once.

In this video, a long-horned goat stands his ground against three rhinos. The goat advances on the rhinos, who back down. Although the rhinos never charge the goat, they do push back with their own horns at times. One of the rhinos is larger than the others and might be the mother or father of the smaller juvenile rhinos. The larger rhino takes the lead in dealing with the goat.

rhinoceros charging towards camera, kicking up dust
A rhino can gore an adult lion with its horn.

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Rhinos and goats are both herbivores so it’s not likely that they decided to engage in a battle because either wanted to eat the other as a snack. Even though rhinos are very large, they actually eat grass and plants. Goats are not picky eaters and will eat just about any vegetation that they come across. Maybe these two animals were fighting over who could have the last tasty morsel of grass.

They were probably engaged in a battle of wills over territory. Like many animals, rhinos can be territorial. This is especially true of mother rhinos that are making sure that their young are safe and have enough resources. Goats can also get aggressive when they feel threatened. It is possible that this goat was taking a stand against the larger rhinos because he wanted to keep the area for himself.

The video ends before either animal gets too engaged in the fight. It is clear from the footage that the animals are in a larger enclosure, either at a zoo or a rescue facility. They all appear to be well-fed and in good health. We hope that they were all able to get something delicious to eat.

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