Over time, there have been stories of a lot of fearless people who do things other humans would probably not dare to do; jumping from very high buildings, diving into the deepest parts of the ocean, and even trying weird food. But how fearless does one have to be to try to grab a huge king cobra? King cobras have venom strong enough to kill an elephant or 20 fully grown men and can cause respiratory and cardiac failure in humans. For reference, king cobras grow as long as 11 to 13 feet, and the longest king cobra ever recorded measured over 19 feet long. Imagine summoning enough courage to hold one of these killer reptiles. That is precisely what the man in the video below did.

The video shows a king cobra on a dusty road between two wooded areas and a man trying to grab the snake behind it. From the video, it is evident that the man trying to catch the snake works out from how his biceps look, so one can assume he is strong enough to face a king cobra. Also, because the snake is just waiting in the middle of the road and the man’s shoes are dusty, it is easy to deduce that he and his friend, the person filming, were either out on a jog or returning from one when they spotted the snake. However, the question worth asking is whether strength is enough to pick up a giant king cobra. 

The area where the snake is seen in the video is a road that stretches down the middle of a forest. This location is very on-brand for a king cobra because they usually like to inhabit forests, swamps, and bamboo thickets. Also, the video shows the ground as dry and dusty, which further proves that these snakes enjoy warmer climates. Usually, king cobras spend most of their time in trees and only come down to the ground in search of food. The snake in the video could have been hunting for food before the men stumbled upon it.

At the start of the video, the man is seen holding the snake lightly by its tail. Once he grabs hold of the snake’s tail, he crouches low enough to be able to grab the snake’s midsection. Despite its large size, the man finally lifts the snake carefully by its midsection, with its mouth open and its forked tongue showing. However, with one slight tilt of its head, the snake was able to make the man release its midsection but determined as he was, he still held on to the snake’s tail. At this point, the snake turns away from the camera to face its assailant, and after what seemed like a long stare, it tried to strike. However, it was easy for the man to jump out of the snake’s reach, and because he was still holding the snake’s tail, it was easy to hold it back. 

How Aggressive Are King Cobras?

The king cobra is unquestionably a highly dangerous snake, yet it prefers to flee than attack unless provoked. Despite its reputation for aggression, the king cobra is significantly more cautious than many other smaller snakes. The king cobra only strikes out at humans when trapped, acting in self-defense, or defending its eggs. The opposite is true with nesting females, who might attack without being provoked. Additionally, when provoked, these snakes can elevate the front section of their bodies to a height of three to four feet and can pursue their threat while in this position over great distances.

Despite the man’s bravery, the people in the comment section of this viral video question the man’s courage and wondered why he attempted to pick up the snake in the first place. According to them, true fearlessness was exhibited by the person behind the camera for taking close camera angles of the snake and even inching closer despite the fact that it looked like it might attack. 

Usually, king cobras weigh anywhere between 11 and 20 pounds, but the largest king cobra ever recorded weighed just a little under 28 pounds. Although at a point in the video, the snake’s head was poised, it did not look like it wanted to strike. The reason for this is that king cobras, though known to be aggressive, would rather avoid contact with humans than attack in a confrontation.

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