Spa days are just the best! Lolling in the water, checking out the scenery, and chilling out for hours. So, why should we humans have all the fun? This black bear has decided that spa days are also for bears and is living its best life in the mountains – free of charge.

Bears and Water

Black bears are widely found across large areas of the USA and Canada. They are comfortable around human settlements and there is plenty of footage of them strolling down streets, sauntering through yards and gardens, and checking out trash cans for a tasty snack. This may look like a random tub of water to you but to a bear, it is a bathtub, complete with a shower hose attachment and a toy to play with! So, why is this bear choosing to play in a tub of water outside someone’s cabin?

Black bears are very happy in the water and will often enter rivers to find fish. They are very good at swimming and can cope with fast-flowing water. So, it is not surprising that this bear has decided to take a dip.

black bear
Black bears are very happy in water and will often enter rivers to find fish.


Black Bears in Human Spaces

It can be a shock to find a black bear in a tub in your garden! It is crucial to understand bear behavior so that humans can interpret their actions correctly. Despite their reputation, most bear behavior is predictable. Most are quite shy and prefer to stay away from humans. They enter human spaces because they are looking for food! Black bears tend to be less aggressive than grizzly bears, which is why you find them in human gardens more often.

If a black bear feels threatened, its initial reaction will be to climb a tree. Having said that, bears can also be curious. A new odor, noise, or object will attract their attention and they will like to check it out. Some bears have adapted their sleeping schedules so that they can approach humans’ yards under the cover of darkness and check out the garbage.

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Even though they usually live solitary lives, they do co-exist in quite close proximity and may even teach younger bears how to hunt. The bears in one region will know each other and their territories will probably overlap.

Black bears are able to enter human settlements because they are able to habituate. This means becoming used to a new thing. So, if they find that there is a plentiful food supply near humans, they will learn to tolerate the humans – provided they are not scared away. It would appear that they also get used to dips in tubs if they want to!

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