If you have arachnophobia, perhaps check out one of our other articles. This one is not for the faint of heart. Spiders are feared by people all over the world but they’re often gentle and more afraid of humans than we are of them. 

In southern Africa‘s deserts and other dusty areas, you can find the medium-sized Six Eyed Sand Spider (Sicarius hahni). It belongs to the Sicariidae family, and this spider’s near cousins can occasionally be seen in South America as well as Africa.

The six-eyed sand spider quietly waits for a bug or scorpion to go by instead of moving about looking for prey. If one does, it grabs the victim with its front legs, venomously kills it, and then consumes it. An adult Six Eyed Sand Spider can survive for a very long period without food or water, therefore they don’t need to be fed very frequently.

Most Dangerous Spiders
Although six-eyed sand spiders are extremely venomous, there are very few documented cases of them biting humans.

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Knowing how they catch food will make this now-viral video make a lot of sense. ViralHog, a popular Youtube channel uploaded a video of one of these spindly creatures making a nest for itself. Unlike spinning a web or hiding in shrubbery waiting to attack, it simply buries itself in the sand. 

This spider practically blends into the dirt and begins by making a small indent in the sand that fits the majority of its body. Then, just like a dog, it starts to dig a hole with its front two legs. Before you know it the six-eyed spider is shoveling sand on top of itself until the body is almost entirely covered. 

Very few human bites by this species have been documented. This spider is extremely timid and reluctant to bite people. Additionally, unlike the majority of arachnids, it does not always shoot poison with each bite, and even then, not usually in substantial quantities.

I sat on the edge of my seat after the sand spider buried herself. On the internet, you never know when a jump scare is going to happen. There are a lot of funny comments under the video that make the spider appear less frightening. 

One person wrote, “I’m scared of spiders but this is fascinating and her little wiggle to get comfortable in the hole she made is kind of cute.” That sounds about right! With the way her legs are out of the hole, they’re almost disguised as sticks. One thing’s for sure – anyone that mistakes her body for a rock or legs for sticks is in for quite the surprise! 

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