At Squaw Creek Reservoir in North Texas, an alligator attacks a deer and everything is caught on video!

While fishing, YouTuber and videographer Hazy saw an alligator going after a deer swimming in the reservoir. Alligators are known to live in some lakes, but this was the first time that Hazy, an avid fisherman, saw one in North Texas.

The day-of footage begins with Hazy in his boat, peacefully fishing. As he casts out, he spots something unusual in the water. After knowing what was coming, the videographer added ominous music while editing the video.

“Oh my gosh, look at those,” he says from behind the camera. “What is that?” He steers the boat closer to investigate. As he approaches, whatever he sees disappears below the water.

“It looks like a deer,” he says to his friend in the boat. “It’s a dead deer.” As they get closer, they realize that the animal is alive. “Should I go to it?” Hazy asks as the boat drifts closer.

Standing at the tiller, Hazy steers the boat net to the deer. He’s unsure whether they should help it or even if they would be able to render any aid. Getting closer to the deer, it suddenly gets pulled under the water.

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Alligators have huge jaws and are known for chomping up their prey!


Alligator Attacks a Deer: A Spooky Encounter

Clearly worried, Hazy and his friend steer the boat away slowly. The video shows the deer being forcefully pulled below the water’s surface. It is clearly still alive but something is handling it.

“I am scared,” says Hazy. “I am legit scared.”

His friend agrees, looking over the side where they can still see the deer below the water. “That thing is not alright,” he says. “As soon as we pulled up, it got pulled like four feet underwater. That’s not natural.”

At this point, neither sees anything that could explain the weird behavior. But both suspect an alligator as the culprit.

They continue to fish, catching just a few fish. Around an hour into fishing, they see the deer again. This time, they spot an enormous alligator head. The gator was eating the deer. Hazy and his friend keep their distance and let the predator enjoy his feast, not wanting to become the next meal. 

“For the record, we are at Squaw Creek Reservoir in Glen Rose/Granbury, Texas,” said Hazy. “I’ve never heard of gators being out here, but there obviously are. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. What a day!”

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