Through the ages, mankind has revered and adored elephants. Elephants have been adored since the dawn of time for their enormous size and regal behavior. People from all over the world travel to the savanna to go on guided tours to see these animals in the flesh.

Elephants can be welcoming to individuals if they are raised in a human-friendly environment. In confinement, where they interact with people frequently, they can also be friendly. When compared to animals who are accustomed to the wild, they are less likely to be hostile under such circumstances. But keep in mind that elephants are wild creatures and cannot be entirely tamed.

A group of tourists got to experience first-hand what happens when you get too close to an elephant that isn’t used to humans. A short clip shows a massive elephant destroying the excursion Jeep as the visitors quite literally run for their lives.

One comment on the video reads, “You are in their domain. They are wild animals. Respect this and you live.” We’re not sure what led up to this situation, it’s likely that the Jeep got too close to the animal and the normally gentle giant reacted naturally.

Even in the wild, elephants are reputed to treat other animals with great gentleness. They make an effort not to harm other creatures, including people unless disturbed. They are the creatures with the biggest brains and memories, which contributes to their intelligence.

Rightfully Defensive

While elephants are peaceful, they can become dangerous if they sense danger.

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Even wild elephants have compassion and don’t want to hurt other creatures if they don’t feel threatened. However, when they sense danger, they may become rather dangerous. When an animal tries to enter their territory, it may fight both the animal and the person. They may occasionally pretend to attack other animals in order to frighten them away rather than actually engaging in a full-fledged attack.

While these creatures aren’t extremely territorial like other animals in Africa, they do have boundaries. Elephants utilize their tusks as a protective tool to identify their territory. Elephants are killed and hunted by poachers for the cost of their ivory tusks. The dramatic fall in the elephant population around the world is a result of this.

Another reason an elephant may appear defensive is if there are babies around. Mother elephants are ferociously protective and watchful. Elephants teach their young everything, including how to swim, stand up, look for food, and defend themselves. Elephants live in extremely intricate matriarchal societies where everyone helps to raise newborn calves, and females remain with their mothers their entire lives.

See the wreckage caused by this gigantic elephant in the video below!

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