The leopard is a solitary and versatile hunter that is able to make the most of many habitats. When it comes to diet, leopards will eat a wide range of prey and this has allowed them to survive threats to their habitats. Leopards are carnivores and their staple diet is made up of medium-sized animals such as deer and warthogs. They hunt by creeping up on the animals and ambushing them. The distinctive spotted coat helps with this because it provides excellent camouflage.

However, leopards will also eat carrion and are quite happy to help themselves to prey that has been caught by another animal. That’s a great plan as long as the animal that caught the prey is no longer in the area or does not mind sharing. Unfortunately, this particular leopard thought that they could help themselves to a carcass that was being closely guarded by a croc and they soon find out that this was a big mistake. Crocodiles do not like to share!

Leopard’s Habitat and Behavior

Leopards are found in many mountainous, grassland, and rainforest regions of Asia and Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa, their population numbers have been affected in the past by trophy hunting. Also, their opportunistic approach to hunting has resulted in them coming into conflict with their human neighbors. They are considered pests by local farmers because they rarely fear people and steal livestock. The local population also regards them as a source of meat and fur.  

This has changed in recent years. The increase in the tourist industry has brought wealth into the area and leopard-watching is a big part of this! As a result, local people are more likely to want to protect the leopards so that they will continue to attract wildlife enthusiasts.

Leopards are found in many mountainous, grassland, and rainforest regions of Asia and Africa.

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Crocs Guarding Their Kill

According to the video notes, this footage was shot at the Kruger National Park in South Africa at the Ngobeni Loop in the H14 sector. It is a well-known leopard-spotting area and on this day it did not disappoint. This incredible footage gives us a close-up view of the leopard repeatedly trying to take the kill from the croc. The big cat approaches the water several times but has to retreat as the crocodile opens its enormous jaws and snaps. The leopard hisses in frustration but does not take on this huge reptile.

Crocodiles have the speed and power to cause nasty injuries to leopards that are foolhardy enough to get close to them. It’s obvious that this croc is not willing to share their meal!

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