If you thought that crocodiles always get things their own way, you need to watch this video! Thirst has driven this warthog to drink from an unappealing pond of water containing murky, green water and we get to see what happens next.

Dangerous Drinking Location

In the water, we get a first glimpse of a hidden croc. At first, the warthog seems oblivious to the danger. Then, they freeze as if they have spotted something in the water but they don’t move away and go back to sipping.

We joined the over 1.4 million people who have already watched this vid by scanning the surface of the water for further signs of the croc. There are a few suspicious shadows but the croc is totally submerged at this point.

The tension is almost unbearable as the warthog seems to edge backward but still needs to drink and therefore continues to take a risk. Their noses are almost touching, the warthog’s senses are on high alert but they do not flee. As the cameraman zooms in for a closer view, we can clearly see the croc’s head under the water. He speculates that the croc is hesitating for so long before attacking the warthog because it is so large. Suddenly, the croc moves slightly, and the warthog bolts up the bank. But even this is not enough to put the brave animal off their drink. They come back down to the water’s edge, finish their drink, and finally backs away.

As the cameraman zooms in for a closer view, we can clearly see the croc’s head under the water.

Johan Larson/Shutterstock.com

Warthogs’ Habitats and Lifestyles

Warthogs are found in arid savannas and grass plains in many parts of Africa. They are a large member of the swine family and has four sharp tusks and padded bumps that look like warts on their face – hence the name warthog. They prefer to avoid and outrun predators but will attack if they have no other choice. On average, they weigh between 120 and 250 pounds and stand around 30 inches tall – with males being bigger than females.  

Warthogs are omnivores so they mainly eat grass and tubers but, if this food is in short supply, they will supplement their diet by scavenging carcasses or eating insects. They will not hunt prey to eat themselves.

These amazing animals have adapted very well to live in dry conditions. They can go for several months in the dry season without water. However, the warthog in this video was thirsty enough to risk coming face-to-face with a croc. Warthogs are also hunted by leopards, lions, hyenas, and cheetahs.

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