Crocodiles are very curious creatures and often find themselves in unfamiliar places, such as neighborhoods and backyards. The biggest and heaviest living reptiles are crocodiles. Male saltwater crocodiles have been measured at 23 feet long and 2,205 pounds in weight. Females mature to approximately 10 feet long and weigh 330 pounds, which is substantially less than males.

According to experts, these ancient animals go into backyards for many reasons. Rachel Pearce works for the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory. She has this to say about why crocodiles visit populated areas:

“When the rivers rise, the crocs are able to go wherever they like. Quite often they’ll walk up into people’s backyards looking for their dogs or different things, so they are in very close proximity with people here.”

Because crocodiles are so large, it can be difficult to remove them once they’ve entered a neighborhood. Not only that, they wreak havoc on those living in the area. When you have one of these creatures on your property, it’s unsafe to go outdoors. Kids and pets must stay inside as well. 

In addition, crocodiles are known to destroy lawn furniture, landscaping, and even rough up the exterior of homes. A recent video shows the lengths communities have to go to get the crocodiles out of their area and create a safe environment for residents again. 

Because crocodiles are so large, it can be difficult to remove them once they’ve entered a neighborhood.

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Taking Control of the Situation

A video linked below stars a behemoth of a crocodile. It’s very difficult and dangerous to attempt to wrangle one of these beasts with your bare hands. In fact, professionals have specific tools and tactics they use to ensure all of their limbs are kept attached! 

This time, they have to resort to using a backhoe to get this animal away from their neighborhood. An excavating bucket is attached to the end of a two-part articulated arm, which is known as a backhoe, sometimes known as a rear actor or back actor. Normally, a front loader or tractor’s back is where it is mounted.

The person navigating the machine makes several attempts to pick up the animal. With its jaw wide open, the croc isn’t having any of it. Thankfully, there’s no harm when the creature tries to bite the tough metal of the machine. 

Eventually, inside of scooping the animal up, the backhoe is used to gently push the animal away to a more appropriate location. Crocodiles are one of the smartest animals and have exceptional memory. 

This particular apex predator will likely remember this experience and will avoid coming to the area again. Crocs even have the ability to plan ahead and we hope next time, he has a backup plan to avoid needing heavy equipment to move him back to safety. 

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