Magnet fishing, as the name implies, is going out to open waters to fish with a magnet. This is how magnet fishing works: people toss strong magnets into the ocean randomly in quest of treasure or garbage. Ever since the practice of magnet fishing became popular, a lot of people have taken a liking to the activity and found some really interesting things in the process. 

Can you imagine finding a motorcycle while magnet fishing? This is precisely what happened in a recent viral video that has a lot of people talking, specifically about what they would do if they found a bike that huge when magnet fishing. The video shows a man who looks like he is in his early twenties attempting magnet fishing from a small dock across what seems like a very big lake. He looks to the camera before casting his magnet attached to a long rope into the lake.

On what seems like his first pull, he feels his magnet attached to something massive, as the video shows him physically struggling to pull up whatever it is his magnet caught. The video also shows that he cannot lift whatever it is out of the water, and he proceeds to put on his swim gear, a pair of swim goggles, and fins, and he dives in, legs-first. The camera angle changes for a short while; instead of the usual angle from the dock, the clip shows him underwater, indicating he had a camera that could work underwater with him. The angle switches back to his friend filming from the dock as the man emerges from underwater with a strange-looking object which he later identifies as a motorbike part.

Without even taking off his swim gear, he flips the motorbike part that appears to be the seat of the bike over to figure out what model it is and finds out it is a Harley. A Harley Davidson bike is one of the most popular bike models in the world, and some of their older models are even considered very expensive and reserved for collectors only. However, a Harley seat is not as valuable as the whole bike itself, so he dove back into the water to find the remaining pieces of the bike. 

Instead of struggling to pull out the bike on his own, he attaches the rest of the bike to the long rope that he used at the beginning of his adventure. While he records from what seems like a really small bridge, someone else attaches the rope to his car and pulls the bike onto the ground covered in sand and grass. According to his voice-over, it took him and the other people he was with a little over three hours to get the bike completely out of the water. 

magnet fishing
Ever since the practice of magnet fishing became popular, a lot of people have taken a liking to the activity and found some really interesting things in the process. 


After this, they did something that shocked most of the people in the video’s comment section- they called the police. According to the video, the primary reason they called the police was to verify whether or not the bike was stolen before claiming ownership. The police took the bike away on a long truck, probably to confirm the ownership of the bike and also to figure out how it got into the lake in the first place. According to many people in the comment section, if they had an opportunity to find a Harley bike while magnet fishing, they would not report it to the police and keep it for themselves because “finders keepers.”

Strange Things People Have Found While Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is slowly becoming even more popular worldwide, and on such fishing trips, it is easy to find common items like tools and coins. People have come out to show some of their strangest finds. One of the most interesting is a full suit of armor, a shield, and a sword found in an area of Germany that experienced a part of World War II. Also, there is the story of a little girl who went out magnet fishing and found over 3,000 bullets in a river in her town. Finding the bullets there was not all that surprising, considering that the river they were fishing from was close to an army training center. 

Other strange finds people have come across while magnet fishing include laptops, bicycles, cash boxes that date as far back as WWII, medals, weapons, and diamonds.

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