Springbok, impala, and duiker are just a few of the small-to-medium-sized animals that cheetahs commonly prey on. These big cats stalk their prey as closely as they can before launching a swift pursuit when they are near. With the aid of their dew claw, cheetahs trip their prey, then choke it to death. 

The cheetah must begin eating right away after the victim has died since the other predators in the vicinity will soon show up and chase the cheetah away. This is exactly what happened in a now-viral Youtube Short.

A coalition of cheetahs is enjoying a fresh meal when an unsuspecting visitor comes along. From the grassy brush, a leopard charges at the dining cats in an attempt to take their food. This isn’t new for leopards – they have a habit of stealing food from other animals, including crocodiles! 

Leopards eat meat, however, they don’t have particular food preferences. Including Thomson’s gazelles, cheetah cubs, mice, primates, reptiles, huge birds, amphibians, salmon, antelopes, wild boars, and porcupines, they will hunt any species that crosses their way. 

According to the Animal Diversity Web, a website run by the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan, leopards are ambush predators. They squat down to creep up on their victim and strike before there is an opportunity to react. A leopard will snap its prey’s neck in one fast bite to kill it.

A cheetah and cub relaxing in the grass
The world’s fastest terrestrial mammal is the cheetah.


A Sneaky Thief

Before the coalition knows it, the leopard arrives ready to steal their fresh kill. A jackal comes into the frame as if he’s watching all of the drama unfold in front of him. The cheetahs attempt to put up a fight for their food. 

The cheetah moves far more quickly than the leopard. The world’s fastest terrestrial mammal is the cheetah. Even with this advantage, there may be cubs present. In this case, it may be in their best interest to abandon the food and avoid getting into a nasty altercation with a leopard. 

There are a few hunting differences between the two cats as well. Cheetahs are known for dragging their victim around the area to a place that is remote and concealed to ensure no one else enjoys the kill.

They eat swiftly because they are unable to defend themselves against more powerful predators like bigger cats who might attempt to take their prey. Rather, leopards use their muscular build to hoist their victim up a tree, as well as on land, so that they don’t have to rush to eat it, away from other carnivores.

Unfortunately, these cheetahs weren’t quick enough to eat their catch before another cat came along. Check out the intense interaction in the Youtube Short below! 

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