Although there are hundreds of animals that can be trained in this present-day, there is none that is as obedient or as loyal as man’s best friend. One of the most obvious traits of most domesticated dogs is their ability to follow instructions. Because of their domesticated nature, these animals have a relatively easy time learning and understanding human commands such as “come” or “go.” Also, because some animals are enormous and primarily have killer instincts, they are harder to train or tame. An example of one such animal is a shark

Imagine being able to train a shark to recognize you or the sound of your voice the same way you would train a dog. This viral video shows just that – a shark recognizing a man. There are over 500 living shark species, and many of them share similar terrifying features. Sharks are some of the scariest animals to exist in this present day, and rightfully so. But how did the man get the shark to recognize him? 

The video does not show the man’s face, but it shows the shark running straight to him the minute he hits the water’s surface with a fish attached to a line. Although some experts have proven that sharks are attracted to sound, it is not the type that humans can ordinarily make, which rules out the option of the shark going up to the man because of the sound of the fish hitting the water. 

Can You Train a Shark To Recognize You?

Great White shark breaching
Sharks can be trained to recognize shapes and colors.

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Like almost all animals, sharks can hear and see, and because of these features, it is possible to train them to a certain extent. Unlike dogs which are more domesticated, sharks are apex predators, and as such, they can only be conditioned to an extent. It is possible to train a shark to recognize shapes and colors before teaching them to identify people. This method is the easiest and is probably how the man in the video got the shark to acknowledge him.

Sharks can swim as fast as 31 mph (50 kmph), and judging by how quickly the shark approaches the man, it is easy to believe that sharks are time conscious, but it is not entirely true. Although the man in the video talks about being an hour late to feed the shark, there is no scientifically proven way to show that sharks are actually able to tell time. However, because many shark species are intelligent, they can easily associate a specific time of day with a particular activity.

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