We associate crocs with a lot of things – aggression, sharp teeth, and immense power to name a few. But did you also know that they are incredibly fast? In this short clip, we see one croc attack another with lightning speed. You will need to watch it a few times because it is over almost as soon as it has begun.

Crocodile on Crocodile Attacks

Crocodiles are an ancient reptile species that have changed very little in the 200 million years that they have been on the planet. They can live for over 70 years and are found in North, Central, and South America as well as Africa, Asia, and Australia. Their preferred habitats are very watery – so they include rivers, lagoons, and mangrove swamps. The crocs in this vid look as if they are on a river shore or an estuary.

Their eyes and nostrils are found at the top of their heads so they can breathe and keep an eye on things when they are submerged in water. Their brown/grey and dull olive scaly skin helps to camouflage them as unsuspecting prey enter the water. It would appear that they can also effectively hide from other crocs too!

Many sources claim that crocs can run at just over 20 mph and their striking speed is phenomenal.

Nile Crocodile Eating
Many sources claim that crocs can run at just over 20 mph and their striking speed is phenomenal.

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Defense and Attack

Crocodiles attack each other for a number of reasons. Most of the time they are happy to live in groups (called a bask or a float) that can be made up of 20 or so animals. They like to hang out together basking in the sun. Living in a group gives them a number of advantages – they can take turns at hunting and resting and can work together to make their hunting more successful. They can also work together to raise young crocs and protect them.

The group is usually a mix of males and females and there may be a hierarchical structure with a dominant male at the top. So, why would one croc attack another? It is unlikely to be cannibalism although this can occur when food supplies are very low. It is more likely to be a territorial issue. Some types of crocodiles can be very territorial and aggressive. Fights break out more often during the mating season when territories become very important. They will not hesitate to fight to the death and the winner will even eat the loser! This is why you may see a large male eating a smaller one!

This particular encounter does not seem to have resulted in any serious injuries. One amazing fact about crocs is that they have very effective immune systems which means that their injuries heal very quickly!

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