Can cats fight a coyote? Who do you think will emerge victorious?

It might be an even match if the fight takes place in Texas. A cat was captured on a security camera going toe to toe with a coyote on the porch.

The video begins with the cat and coyote already on the enclosed porch. It isn’t immediately clear how the coyote got onto the porch or even if it is the cat’s home. But the two are ready to fight, and neither looks like they are willing to bow down.

Orange cat playing
Some cats can take on much more than just their toys! Some cats fight coyotes!

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The coyote is at least twice the size of the orange tabby cat. It bobs around and tries to nip at the cat. The cat responds by batting at the coyote with his front paws. Coyotes can be between 20 and 50 pounds. This coyote seems on the smaller side, which may be why the cat felt confident enough to take it on.

As the fight continues, the cat goes under a nearby patio chair. The coyote tries to reach underneath and even manages to swipe at the cat a few times. The cat responds by arching its back— typical cat behavior when they feel threatened. The cat stays under the chair for a few seconds, out of reach of the coyote.

Cat Fights A Coyote: The Final Round

The coyote isn’t about to give up, however. It gets low to the ground to chase the cat under the lawn chair. With its back brushing against the chair as it crawls underneath, the coyote moves the lawn chair around the porch.

Realizing that it may be outmatched, the cat decides to use the only remaining weapon: climbing.

Jumping up onto the patio railing, the cat tries to get away from the coyote. It takes a couple of tries. At one point, the coyote even pulls the cat down with its teeth.

But in the end, the cat makes it away safely. Jumping from the porch railing up to the support post, the cat pauses to look at the coyote triumphantly.

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