One of the most terrifying things you can imagine is getting chased by a giant grizzly bear! They are renowned for their enormous size, weighing up to 800 pounds, and their propensity for aggression. Some males have even tipped the scale at 1,500 pounds! 

It’s a common, and deadly, myth that if you’re being chased by one of these apex predators, you’re supposed to climb a tree. Doing this can be a death sentence. One of the grizzly bear’s greatest skills is climbing.

Although these magnificent creatures are incredible, extremely adaptable creatures, their size, temperament, and strength can be intimidating to people, particularly if you come into contact with one. 

Even while these encounters are uncommon, one man immediately discovers that they are not impossible. Just like many people, he thought he would be safest up off the ground. As the bear stood on its hind legs, he quickly knew he was wrong. 

Grizzly Bear Roar
Grizzly bears can be extremely protective and territorial.

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On their hind legs, grizzly bears can reach nearly 10 feet tall. The bear begins clawing on the man’s ankles as he’s hanging on to the tree for dear life! Grizzlies are fiercely possessive animals. These solitary animals will go to any lengths to protect their young, food, and territory, even if it means quickly ascending and descending a tree. 

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To protect their offspring from harm is the most frequent reason for them to ascend a tree.

Staying Safe

While it’s hard to tell why this animal is chasing the man up a tree, we do wonder what caused the interaction. Although they can not climb as quickly as black bears, grizzly bears are much more protective than black bears, and a bear will always outrun you. It is never a smart idea to disobey them because they will likely catch you in no time, whether you are sprinting or climbing a tree. 

Different bear species respond differently, and not all of their actions are foreseeable. One of the finest pieces of advice is to saunter rather than run if you ever come across a grizzly bear since they view eye contact as a threat.

These majestic animals would be at an advantage in a fight with a person since their forelegs and paws are strong enough to lift a big rock and their claws are sharp enough already to hook a fish or slice open their victim. 

Grizzly bears are powerful enough to damage homes or hurt smaller household pets only to get to food, particularly those who have previously come into touch with human food. If you ever encounter one of these beasts, back away slowly and avoid eye contact. 

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