Knowing the answer to the question “how big are monstera houseplants?” is a good idea before you decide to purchase one. Popular and gorgeous, monsteras produce large leaves with unique holes, earning them the name swiss cheese plant. But how big can these monsters get, and just how fast do monstera houseplants grow?

In this article, we’ll give you some exact measurements for the average monstera plant, including ones grown indoors or out. We’ll even give you some information about how quickly monstera plants grow and how long they live so that you can properly anticipate the life of your monstera. Let’s get started!

How Big Do Monstera Houseplants Get?

In their natural environment, monsteras can reach over 15 feet tall, with some plants as tall as 60 feet. However, their indoor height is much smaller given their growing conditions. Keeping monsteras as a houseplant means that they may reach as tall as ten feet, but average anywhere from 6-8 feet tall with proper support.

How Big Do Monsteras Get Outside?

how big are monstera houseplants
Monsteras grown outdoors can be as high as 60 feet.

Pandu Aji Wirawan/

Native to Central and South America with some naturalized species in Florida, monsteras thrive in humid conditions and amongst other tropical plants. They are considered understory plants that vine with ease, often growing cooperatively with other plants. However, given the right conditions, monsteras can reach huge heights outdoors, much taller than their indoor-grown counterparts!

Depending on the light, nutrition, and water received, a monstera grown outdoors can reach anywhere from 10-30 feet tall, with roughly 15 feet being an average achievable height. However, some specimens grow as tall as the trees surrounding them, topping out at over 60 feet! While a monstera needs structural support to achieve just about any height, it can keep on growing so long as it’s supported, no matter how tall!

How Big Do Monsteras Get Inside?

how big are monstera houseplants
Keeping monsteras as a houseplant means that they may reach as tall as ten feet.

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An indoor-grown monstera won’t grow as tall as its outdoor counterparts, given its requirements to stay bound to a container or pot. However, these vining plants are persistent and can reach immense heights indoors compared to other types of houseplants. Be sure to provide your monstera with a trellis or moss pole so that it has something it can properly hang onto as it grows!

Depending on the age and health of your monstera houseplant, it can reach up to ten feet tall indoors, with an average height of 4-8 feet being more likely for most conditions. With adequate support and a large enough pot, your monstera might even reach your ceiling!

How Fast Do Monsteras Grow?

how big are monstera houseplants
No matter the conditions you keep your monstera in, it will vary in its growth.


Depending on the growing conditions that your monstera lives in, you can expect it to gain a foot or two in height or new growth annually. However, this isn’t a guarantee, and the speed that your monstera grows greatly depends on its living conditions and level of care. For example, the warmer and more humid you can get your home, the happier your monstera will be.

No matter the conditions you keep your monstera in, it will vary in its growth. Perhaps the seasonal light changes have affected your monstera, or maybe it is time to repot it and give it some much-needed nutrients. You may find that your monstera simply grows slowly to begin with, needing more time than the average plant to reach tall heights!

How Long Do Monsteras Live?

Monsteras can live both outdoors and in for as long as they are receiving adequate care. You may be able to own the same monstera houseplant for decades, especially if you find a comfortable spot that it likes. Leaving your monstera alone near a bright window could mean that you have an impressive plant companion for years to come!

How Can I Grow a Large Monstera Houseplant?

how big are monstera houseplants
If you notice any dead or unattractive leaves on your monstera plant, remove them as needed.


There are a number of tips and tricks that you can utilize when it comes to keeping a monstera plant indoors. If you want a large and in charge monstera in your own home, here are some things that you can try:

  • Use grow lights. Too much direct light can harm your monstera plant, but you should also make sure that it is getting enough light to begin with. If you are growing a monstera indoors, you may want to supplement its light with grow lights and other artificial lights to keep it happy. 
  • Supplement with fertilizer. Using a basic indoor plant fertilizer or other plant food on a regular basis will help your monstera thrive. 
  • Trim any old leaves. If you notice any dead or unattractive leaves on your monstera plant, remove them as needed. This will keep the rest of the plant happy and healthy. 
  • Adjust its water and light levels. Whether your monstera is to your home or not, adjusting the water and light that it receives may help it grow faster. Adjust with care, though most monsteras are forgiving and will bounce back from any adjustments! 
  • Give your monstera some friends. Placing multiple houseplants in the same area promotes humidity and positive growing conditions. If your monstera doesn’t seem to be growing very quickly, consider keeping it and a few other houseplants in the same location! 

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