Adult elephants are some of the most dangerous creatures in Africa. They’re capable of killing just about every large animal that lives near them, tossing hippos, rhinos, and even buffalo around like they’re toys. In this case, even the king of the jungle isn’t safe.

The video starts with a male lion lounging in the sandy dirt. He seems every bit as confident as one of the deadliest predators on the continent should. However, an elephant decides that the lion seems a little too comfortable. In fact, that may be the case since the lion clearly isn’t paying attention to the massive threat encroaching from behind.  

At first, the elephant walks slowly. Lions are vicious predators, and they do kill elephant calves in some cases. The elephant is being cautious around the lion. However, without its pride, a single male lion is no match for a fully-grown elephant bull.

Since the area around the animals is devoid of brush, the elephant feels confident that no other lions are waiting to spring an attack. The elephant ducks its head and starts to stomp its way toward the lion, kicking up first along the way. Now that the massive creature is on the move, the lion finally takes notice.

The lion is surprised by the sudden encroachment of the elephant. He quickly scrambles to his feet and takes off. Meanwhile, the elephant slows up and stops before trumpeting to let the lion think it’s in even more danger. Yet, the elephant ends the charge where the lion was originally lounging.

The large creature made its point known to the king of the jungle. Lions may be strong in numbers, but they can’t match up to a large elephant. After all, the massive creatures have several ways in which they can kill smaller opponents.

male lion stalking prey
Lions may be strong in numbers, but they can’t match up to a large elephant.

Jason Prince/

First off, they can simply stomp the animals to death. The lion was obviously worried that it was about to be stepped on by the elephant, and that’s why it got up in such a hurry. Elephants can also use their tusks to kill other animals. This particular elephant could have gored the elephant if it wanted. Such attacks can be instantly fatal to even the largest animals.

As the video ends, the lion runs off-screen, and we get to see an even more incredible sight. The lion had apparently decided to relax in a place with multiple elephants. So, the king of the jungle was very lucky that the adult elephants didn’t want to press the issue of the lion’s trespassing and attack it together. Of course, they have a very small chance of catching a lion that is running at full speed. Still, if they had caught the lion, they could have inflicted serious injuries upon it.  

The good news is that elephant populations are starting to increase in some countries. So, more lions could find themselves receiving a thunderous wake-up in the future.

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