Summer and spring are incredible periods to lay back on Georgia’s beaches and swim the Atlantic Ocean’s coastlines southeast of the American State. The coastlines have a diverse ecosystem that includes several ocean animals that migrate toward the shore, including the widely feared deep-water predators: sharks.

Sharks are sometimes bad news for humans who stray too far from the coastlines, but the worst is the great white shark. These large sharks are known by reputation as the largest predatory sharks in the world. The great whites can be easily recognized by their torpedo-like shapes, dark bodies with white underbellies, and large jaws, containing about 300 serrated teeth. They are as dangerous as they look and sometimes visit the coastlines of Georgia. Let’s meet the largest great white ever found off the coast of the Peach State.

How Big Is a Great White?

great white shark
The great white shark can reach a maximum length of 26 feet and weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

Ramon Carretero/

Great whites are one of the largest shark species in the world. These large sharks do not stop growing until they die. Their growth only gets slower the older they get. These large predatory fish can grow up to a maximum length of 26 feet and weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

Female great whites are usually longer than males. Thus, it would be rare to find a male great white that reaches 25 feet in length. Fishermen often find these sharks quite difficult to reel in from the ocean.                                                                             

Are Great Whites Aggressive?

great white shark
The great white shark is one of the most aggressive sharks in the world.

Sergey Uryadnikov/

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Great whites are one of the most aggressive sharks worldwide, and are sometimes called the wolves of the sea. The only other sharks that come close to their ferocity are the tiger and bull sharks. Great whites are fierce fish with only a few rivals in the ocean. There is almost no animal underwater that the great white cannot take on.

What Do Great Whites Eat?

Great white sharks are carnivores. Despite the abundant ecosystem in the sea and ocean, these large sharks can be considered picky. To attain their large sizes, these highly predatory sharks go after animals rich in nutrients. Thus, they might not feed on a sea snake, unlike the tiger shark, which feeds on almost any prey around, and sometimes, garbage.

Juvenile great whites, often about six feet long, feed on small fish and stingrays. On the other hand, adults feed on larger prey, such as dolphins, seals, and sometimes, whale carcasses.  

How Do Great Whites Hunt?

Great white sharks are dangerous hunters. They have speed, size, and a powerful bite force of about 4,000 PSI. As advertised in movies, these sharks are ambush predators who depend largely on their sense of smell and electroreceptors. After spotting their desired prey, great white sharks would give chase and take a large bite of their prey. However, the feeding does not begin then.

Great whites leave their prey or follow at a distance as their waning prey loses blood from the inflicted injury. When the prey stops moving or is dead, great whites feast on them.

Where Do Great Whites Live?

Great whites are highly migratory and are globally distributed in temperate and tropical seas. These sharks can be found worldwide except in freshwater habitats. The bull shark is the only shark species that is capable of surviving in freshwater. Great whites can be found in abundance in South Africa, California, and Australia.

What is the Largest Great White Ever Found off Georgia’s Coast?

great white shark leaping out of water
The largest great white shark ever found off Georgia’s coast measured 13 feet long.


Georgia is known for many things but not common shark sightings or attacks. According to news reports, the largest great white shark ever found off Georgia’s coast was a 13-foot male shark found off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. This large visitor weighed about 1,500 pounds. At 13 feet, the shark named Breton is more than twice the average human’s height and would be a scary sight underwater.

What is the Largest Great White Ever Recorded?

The largest great white ever recorded is named Deep Blue. According to news reports, the female shark measured 20 feet long and weighed over 5,000 pounds. Further reports claim that the shark was pregnant when her weight was estimated, but she is still the largest ever recorded.    

Can a Human Outswim a Great White?

Great white sharks can reach speeds of up to 25 mph inside the ocean, while the average human can reach a top speed of about five to six mph within a short distance. Thus, humans are incapable of out-swimming these ocean monsters. The great white’s powerful tail allows it to dash at top speeds and even breach the water surface to capture prey.  

How Many Shark Attacks Have Happened off Georgia’s Coast?

Great white sharks are the most responsible for shark attacks on humans worldwide. However, there have not been as many shark attacks as one would imagine. According to ISAF, there have been less than 20 shark attacks in Georgia in over 100 years. Doing the math, the probability of getting bitten by a shark off Georgia’s coast is almost nil.

In 2021, there were only two recorded shark attacks in the state, and neither was fatal. These numbers pale compared to states like Florida, which have had close to 900 shark attacks.

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