Have you ever wondered what your family dog does when you are not watching? Perhaps, your answer is: sleeping, eating, or destroying some stuff.

How about having some fun and just loving life? 

Dogs know how to have fun on their own without any human participation or intervention! For example, a family recently discovered how much their dog loves playing in the pool when there is no one to disrupt the fun.

They captured and shared a clip of their dog, Hamilton, jumping into the pool, swimming across, coming out, and shaking himself dry. Then, a moment later, Hamilton jumps again, this time from a different position. You can tell his excitement from how he wags his tail in happiness. 

Why Do Dogs Love Water So Much?

Many dogs go nuts when they spot water. Be it a puddle, river, or even a water fountain. Dogs can’t simply resist the urge to jump in and splash water here and there. We can’t blame them, can we?

Few feelings can match that of cool water on the skin on a hot summer afternoon.

Some dogs love water so much that it is part of their name. The Irish and American water spaniel are two examples. Other breeds that love to play with water include the standard poodle, golden retriever, labrador retriever, Irish and English setter, Irish setter, and Chesapeake Bay retriever.

The list is long, but remember that not all dogs love water. You may have a dog on this list that is terrified of getting into a pool of water. 

Several reasons may make your dog fear water. First, if it is a new experience, it makes the dog feel weird having their fur or paws covered with water. Second, they may have had a traumatic experience involving water. The third reason is when you surprise or force them to jump into the water before they are ready.

If you notice that your dog is afraid of water, help them unlearn any negative experiences by gradually acclimating them to water. As a result, they will slowly learn to swim safely and love water on their own terms.

Also, not all dogs are born swimmers. So, resist tossing your dog into the ocean, lake, or pool if you are unsure of their swimming abilities. Certain breeds are inept swimmers. 

The bulldog is an example of a dog breed that will likely avoid getting into the water. Bulldogs have short legs and broad bodies. They can swim, but their structure prevents them from having fun. 

A dog dressed up as a shark, on a float in the pool
Some dogs love to swim!

Why Dogs are Good Swimmers

Dogs are excellent swimmers because their bodies are structured for swimming. They have evenly distributed body weight that helps them float, a long tail that functions as a ruder during swimming, and long legs for propelling through the water.

Moreover, if dogs are introduced to water while young, the repeated experience makes them love water. However, since not all dogs are born swimmers, you may have to train your pet to swim and have fun while at it.

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