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list of 100 wild animals names

100 animals names The table below lists 100 wild animals. Some wildlife names you may know and some would be new to you. Elephant Monkey Tiger Bear Panther Cheetah Wolf Jaguar Hyena Giraffe Deer Zebra Gorilla Lion Chimpanzee Leopard Wild boar Jackal Kangaroo Crocodile Rhinoceros Panda Squirrel Mongoose Porcupine Koala bear Wombat Meerkat Otter Hedgehog Emu Chipmunk Squirrel Raccoon Marten…

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The classification is explained Aardvark are small pig-like mammals found throughout Africa, south of the Sahara, in a wide range of different habitats. They are mostly solitary and spend their days sleeping in underground burrows to shield themselves from the heat of the rising African sun on cool evenings in search of food. Their name derives from the Afrikaans language…

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