They’re not called the kings of the jungle for no reason! Lions are incredible creatures and are considered one of the few apex predators. Lions hunt both alone or in prides. Usually, in joint hunts, the lioness initiates the attack. When their prey is close enough, lions will pursue it and make a quick rush at it in an effort to either jump on it or topple it over.

A lioness earned herself and her pride a fresh lunch with an impressive kill. Before long, a clan of hyenas surrounded the big cat. Lions and hyenas share the same territory, pursue the same food, and devour the same dead animals. As a result, they compete for food, chase one another, and sometimes even murder each other’s young.

Although lions far outweigh a hyena, this lioness has a disadvantage due to the sheer number of them. At one point, the lioness even scurries away from the laughing hyenas. They are notable for their high-pitched “laughing” vocalization, which consists of a series of brief giggle-like sounds. 

Instead of being connected to hyenas having fun, these sounds are typically produced when they are in danger or being attacked. When frustrated, a hyena could also make a sound similar to laughter.

Learning Your Place

Because lions are apex predators, they rank above hyenas when it comes to the wilderness food chain. They don’t have to worry about being prey for other animals. Male lions are incredibly territorial as well. 

The territory of the pride is defended by the males, who mark the region with urine, roar maniacally to scare off visitors, and chase away animals who trespass on their domain. The main hunters and leaders of the pride are female lions

More powerful than other big cats, lions are. Lions’ bites are four times more powerful than humans’ when it relates to strength. They can lift ten times as much weight as an ordinary person. This pride’s leading male runs towards the clan of hyenas to tell them to back off their meal. 

They laugh in fear and flinch at the slightest movement from the large cat. Luckily for these hyenas, they get the picture before any serious damage happens. A comment on the video from a viewer named Tim says it all. 

“The male lion calmly walks to the carcass and they scatter away. He is still yet to fully mature into a full-grown maned fearsome lion, but the hyenas can recognize that he is still a threat to them!”

Take a look at this incredible footage below to see how great these creatures can be! 

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